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Jakob Algreen-Ussing has as an entrepreneur co-founded several companies all of which became multi-million dollar companies. The first investment he did was when he was 24 and he made the first part of his wealth at the young age of 25.


He has worked within the areas of entrepreneurship, corporate development, management, and personal development for more than 15 years. He works today as a private investor, chairman, board member, and advisor on entrepreneurship, corporate development, personal development, corporate governance and venture capital.

As a board member, managing partner and advisor for more than 13 years, Jakob Algreen-Ussing has been deeply specialised and focused on technology, telecommunications, marketing and media. His area of focus has been how companies can take advantage of opportunities and threats arising from a networked world, the internet and new technologies. He has executed strategy processes in numerous organisations including Bang and Olufsen, Telenor, TDC, Vodafone, Lego, Lundbeck and other major Scandinavian and European banks, media, medico, telecom and consumer companies.

Currently Jakob serves as a chairman and board member in 6 companies all of which are leading players in business networks and have their global niche in a networked world

Founding an entrepreneurial movement – Akasha Ventures

As founder of Akasha Ventures, Jakob Algreen-Ussing has devoted the next phase of his life to help and support entrepreneurs to live and manifest their dreams through business. Akasha Ventures is a global entrepreneurial movement and venture network that supports entrepreneurs and enterprises in building business in a deep and meaningful way. Akasha Ventures supports passionate entrepreneurs building leading business networks and movements for them to achieve abundance, prosperity and happiness while doing good for the world. Already becoming a player within a new way of doing business, Akasha Ventures is now building its network and portfolio of companies across Asia and Eastern Europe  to Copenhagen, London, New York, and San Francisco.


Jakob Algreen-Ussing holds an M Sc. in Communication and Psychology and a B Sc. in Business Economics and Psychology. He did his studies at Roskilde University, Denmark, Copenhagen Business School, and Kings College, London. Moreover, he has done extensive studies and experiential work within the area of psychology, evolution in consciousness and awareness. He has done research and studies in philosophy and psychology and worked with several leading spiritual teachers from all over the world including Richard Moss, Alan Seale and Eckhart Tolle.

He divides his time between NYC, London, Copenhagen and Ibiza where he lives with his wife and his daughter.

Further info:

If you are curious who Jakob Algreen-Ussing is, visit his website www.jakobussing.com

A summary of Jakob Algreen-Ussing’s experience is available on this website http://www.plaxo.com/directory/profile/141734515742/95f1ee9d/Jakob/Algreen-Ussing

Jakob Algreen-Ussing is on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/JakobUssing

Jakob Algreen-Ussing is on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=105779&locale=en_US&trk=tyah

Jakob Algreen-Ussing is about to issue a book about The Quantum Company. Info about it is available here http://www.thequantumcompany.com/

In case you are wondering what The Quantum Company is, see Jakob Algreen-Ussing ’s video explaining its concept http://www.viddler.com/v/28f7708c

Jakob Algreen-Ussing explains the ideas behind the Quantum Company in more than 30 videos http://vodpod.com/ussing/tag/jakob+ussing

If you like the Quantum Company concept or should you have some questions, you can join The Quantum Company group on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Quantum-Company-2977884?home=&gid=2977884&trk=anet_ug_hm

Click the link and get an update about Mindjumpers – one of the fastest growing companies in Akasha Venture’s Portfolio http://guide24.dk/artikel/akasha-ventures-portefoelje-update.htm

Jakob Algreen-Ussing is on Vintage and Rare’s executive board http://www.vintageandrare.com/about-us/board-Chairman-Jakob-Algreen-Ussing

If you are wondering where Jakob Algreen-Ussing started from, check out Agilic http://agillic.com/about-agillic/agillic-news-details/article/5-million/

You can visit a danish site about Jakob Algreen-Ussing and read more about the companies in his network.

Jakob Algreen-Ussing and Agilic received substantial funding.

Jakob Algreen Ussing på Computerworld

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