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Welcome to the era of The Quantum Company!

Over the years I have realized that something is missing in our understanding of what a company means and what makes it successful:  what really determines the performance and output of a company.

So many times I have been sitting in management meetings or board rooms sensing that something was not being correctly managed and handled. Often I would not be able fully articulate the problem in what I sensed would be a rational and meaningful way.  However, I knew that something was wrong. Some people call it gut feeling, others intuition. It is clearly what makes entrepreneurs successful and wealthy in business. But yet it is difficult to understand what it is, where it comes from and how it can be used in a structured way in business.

Over time I have created my wealth from this very insight and ability, but very often it has been frustrating to know that something is wrong or not working and not be able to take care of it in a structured and powerful manner.

Now I know what was missing in my understanding. What wasn’t really understood and managed correctly.


It is the energy. Companies are actually energetic systems. It is the energy that determines the result and outcome of a company.  It was this understanding that was missing from my business toolbox.

The energy of a company is determined by the very intention of a company, as well as how we nurture it, support it and attract people who can manifest, live and express the deeper intention.   I have realized that it is possible to work directly with the energy of a company, align it, amplify it and make the company more powerful and authentic by alowing the energy to guide you through the use of intuition and presencing.It means seeing your business life as a journey for self discovery as well as realizing through your professional life what you truly are on a deeper level.  This means living your business life from your essence and passion, living in happiness and joy and surrounded by an authentic relationship to yourself andto the world around you. Doing so allows you to achieve abundance, wealth and freedom and to do what you really would love to do.

When you align and amplify the company’s energy, the company can go into flow and it can achieve – what I term  – super natural returns and profits. By this I mean extraordinary monetary profits and returns out of the ordinary through self realization and personal growth and empowerment.

The birth of the Quantum Company

I have come to call a company that is managed and structured from its energy; a Quantum Compant. A Quantum Company is based on an understanding that the energy of a company is really what determines the outcome.

I would like to invite you on a journey to the world of the Quantum Company. I know at some points you will think that it is radical or even crazy. At least that is what I have been thinking over the years when working my way to where I now am. I have always been open-minded while a part of me remained skeptical.  I find there are big differences among something I have been told, something I believe, something I sense and something I know for a fact. I invite you to make your own assumptions about what I tell you as you go on the journey of reading this book. I hope that you will be open minded while holding onto your skepticism and reflecting on your own experiences. That is how I have done it in my own life.

Does it sound too good to be true?

It’s not. It is, as a matter of fact, it’s possible.  In the book the Quantum Company schedualed to be released during the spring-autumn of 2012 I will tell you how. I will share with you my personal experiences and give you the 10 step process – the corporate development framework for the Quantum Company that will show you how to make it happen.

It is important for me to stress that I view my book only as a starting point for exploring business in the quantum era, there are not any final truths to the matter. Let us join forces and use this blog to describe what The Quantum Company is. I welcome everybody to take part in the co-creation of defining what The Quantum Company is.

In love of life

Jakob Algreen-Ussing


What is The Quantum Company?

This blog is dedicated to working with Quantum Companies, energetically aligned companies.

Therefore, on this page we will continually deliver input to the discussion on what a Quantum Company is. It will often be working drafts for the upcoming book: “The Quantum Company – The power of corporate energy” as we invite you to contribute to our understanding and shaping of the book.

The first input for this discussion is the overall setup of the Quantum Company and the six powers that, as we see it, can utilize its potential.

From “The Quantum Company”:

“Imagine a company through which it is possible to live your passion, become wealthy and discover what you truly are, while doing valuable things for the world. Is this a fantasy? No! It is possible to create a company like that, and in this book I will tell you how. I will show you how to create a new type of company based on ground breaking principles; that is, how to create what I call a Quantum Company.”

When you view your company as an energetic entity, it is possible to work with the energy in a conscious and structured way. When you do that you transform your business into a Quantum Company; A company powered by energy. There are six main powers which create the energy of a Quantum Company. These powers  can transform your business into an authentic and powerful company that creates extraordinary returns and profits.

The 1st is the power of a person with a soul mission. By discovering your soul mission and living your true essence, you become inspired, powerful and authentic.

The 2nd is the power of a Quantum Entrepreneur who lives and manifests his soul mission through business. Doing this allows grants you  new insights and can create a unique and valuable business for the world.

The 3rd is the power of Quantum leadership where you get the opportunity to guide and support your employees to live the kind of life that is truly them; Making them authentic and giving them access to their true powers. That empowers your business and attracts people who are inspired, powerful and authentic.

The 4th is the power of a Quantum strategy. Quantum strategy is all about listening to what wants to unfold and ensuring that there the deeper intention is discovered and lived through the company. The Quantum strategy ensures that the deeper intention guides the company in everything it does and ensures that there is energetic alignment with everybody involved.

The 5th power is the power of a Quantum tribe and movement.  This power is released when people join forces around a cause and mission to live what is truly them and what truly manifests their deeper passion and interests. They come together as a group and become a powerful force through being a tribe or movement.

The 6th power is the power of a business network that happens when we use the global internet to manage, distribute and spread what we intend for the world. The internetcan connect us to anybody around the world in cost effective, flexible and efficient manner.

By using the six powers you will be able to create a new opportunity and transform any business into a Quantum Company. This book explains the secrets of each of the six powers that can make your company powerful.  It outlines a 10 step process for how to make it happen. Every step includes actionable tasks that you can execute in order to create a powerful business for the future – right here and now.

How does this sound to you? Do you agree, does it inspire you or is it just completely defined wrong. Do not hesitate to give your input to this.

Below the scheme which I use to evaluate to what the degree the companies I am engaged with is utilizing the six powers of a Quantum Company:

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