This blog is dedicated to The Quantum Company - the power of corporate energy.

It is dedicated to the discussion of what a Quantum Company is, how it is structured, how individuals are affected by it and how to manage it.

The blog is about exploring Quantum companies. A quantum company is based on the understanding that you can create extraordinary returns and profits by living your passion, build an energetically aligned company while doing something valuable and good for the world.

Everything is energy

The energy of the company determines the potential and results of a company

Here is a phrase from the upcoming book by Jakob Algreen-Ussing, which is set to be published during the spring-autumn of 2012.

In order to explain the term Quantum Company I invite you to think of companies as energetic systems. Throughout the book I will show you how a company’s performance is determined by its energy and frequency. The critical point is that it is the energy of the company and the energetic frequency in the entity which determines the potential and results of the company. And the great news is that it is actually possible to work directly with the energy and the energetic frequency to make the energy flow, to amplify it and to consciously change a frequency if it is sensed that another, deeper and more powerful potential can be manifested more directly through a change in frequency.  As a matter of fact, it is possible to deliberately build companies that are fully aligned and can access flow. We just have to manage and develop the company the right way.

In the book I will share with you how to do this. I will show you how you can work directly with the energy in the company and show you how you can amplify and align the energy, so you can create a Quantum Company in flow.

Energetic alignment

I have experienced total flow three to four times in my business life. This experience has come spontaneously and stayed for a long period of time. In the process I would not be aware of what was happening, but later I have realized that it was a state of flow, that we had entered

Sometimes a state of flow feels like being busy and absorbed into something meaningful and important. I always felt it as a situation where I would just do and be exactly what was needed in a completely natural way. Things would happen without me having to use any force.

Flow is a state of being in the now, being fully present with a feeling of abundance. It is a state of mind that gives you the possibility of seeing the bigger picture and choosing to do things that sustain that picture over the long term. It can give life and prosperity both on a personal level and on a company level. It gives a unique intuitive access to the energetic field and can guide your direction.

I strive for flow

It is something I live and strive for. More than anything else because it gives me profound happiness make me inspired and gives me the feeling of being alive. This flow actually often releases so much potential that I can find it hard to contain so much sudden growth and take it in.

I have experienced the opposite as well:   times when things just would not work, and no matter how hard we tried we just could not get the company to take off. We would try out a number of solutions and work very hard but no matter, it just did not happen. Clearly, today I view such a situation as a lack of energetic alignment. Now, instead of just trying harder to force things, I look for what needs to be aligned and what really wants to happen and what is holding the company back from growing. Often it is a matter of listening to what wants to unfold and stopping the forcing of things forward from a specific plan.

Quantum leap

When you and your company are in full energetic alignment, you will experience something that could be called a quantum leap. It is often a sudden change and often we only realize what is going on when it has already happened and has become a manifested and material reality.

It is fascinating to see how a specific thing can position the whole company make that quantum leap – and suddenly change everything. In my experience, this has often occurred when I would dare to follow my intuition, and suddenly I would be able to create a state of flow – and somewhere along the way I would realized that we were actually doing very very well. Sometimes so well that we could not handle the growth in a meaningful way and had to slow down.

What do you think about this phrase? Feel free to comment and if you have had similar personal experience on this let us now!

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