Quantum Companies are leading the way

2018 April 17
by ussing

Don’t take my word for it. Check out UserTribe.com, and see for yourself how Quantum Company thinking has defined their journey from local startup to a profitable global enterprise. Here’s what that means:

The past years have been dedicated to implementing the Quantum Company framework in real-life settings, in order to show the outstanding impact of the philosophy. UserTribe is a brilliant example of that impact, and a promising vision of how that impact scales to reach most of the globe.

The dedicated members of the board and management are all aligned along a common goal. In this case that goal is concurrent with the vision of their company: “A transparent balanced harmonious world – full of profitable companies – co-creating outstanding products and services – made with passion, integrity and love.”

They are possessed by a fierce entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to actualizing their ideas. Because these ideas are profound and altruistic, and because all leading members of the company are in alignment, they succeed in finding the key employees to make it all happen. This energetic alignment is the basis for a quantum strategy – a strategy that now allows the company to expand overseas and scope out further milestone projects on the global market.

It is thrilling to be a part of this journey, to see a Quantum Company taking off, and to see what the future holds. This is only the beginning.

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