The key to accessing the power of quantum leadership is co-creation!

2010 December 3
by ussing

Teaching Yourself and Others to Follow and Trust the Intuition
Consciously or unconsciously, many of the leaders I have met already work with aspects of quantum leadership; they are mentors and visionaries and they do their best to create a shared sense of purpose in their companies. They sometimes speak of high-energy or low-energy states around them. However, few have a structured process for training their employees to sense, intuit, and visualize optimal future pathways and outcomes.

The key to accessing the power of quantum leadership is co-creation, which simply means showing others the potential of exploring their authentic essence and soul mission, and helping them develop their energetic sensitivity. By offering people tools with which they can align with the quantum field, you are empowering them to access the same source of infinite possibilities you yourself have accessed.

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