When you align your actions with your essence, you align yourself with the limitless power!

2010 November 30
by ussing

Living authentically and discovering your soul mission even as you set your company in motion, is the first step in becoming a quantum entrepreneur. When your work is in alignment with your deeper essence, you produce more energy and become inspired. Your senses and intuition will also begin to serve you in ways that you perhaps have not yet imagined. Guidance and resources arrive spontaneously that enable you to strive effectively to manifest highly-fulfilling outcomes from a balanced state of flow.
When you align your actions with your essence, you align yourself with the limitless power of the quantum field. This gives you the ability to sense what is right or wrong for you and for your company. The result of this heightened clarity is that it becomes easier to identify what needs—or wants—to happen and where to expend your time, energy, and resources. Any feedback you receive from the initial actions you take only serves to further enhance your ability to sense when your subsequent actions are energetically aligned or misaligned with your authentic purpose. It does not matter if you receive initial resistance to living your soul mission; the mission does not change. Resistance only means that you need to continue to explore the actions you are taking to determine if perhaps there is a more meaningful way to live it out.
Utilizing the power of quantum entrepreneurship, your quality of being and intentions begin to be amplified as they are transmitted to the world. This can be very subtle; a transmission of energy is not necessarily loud or obvious. It only means that others sense that you are an authentic person.

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