Quantum thinking in action! Vintage and Rare is making it happen!

2010 November 26
by ussing

Vintageandrare.com is a portal for a global community of dealers, craftsmen, buyers, and enthusiasts interested in vintage, rare, antique, hand-built, and custom-built instruments.
Nicolai had come to realize that the daily administrative tasks were growing exponentially with his company. The administrative tasks did not resonate with his deeper values, and were ultimately draining his energy.
We set up a quantum alignment between Nicolai’s passion and values and his company. Nicolai is now as a “one-man rock band” touring around the world meeting new dealers and custom builders along with attending large vintage and rare musical instrument festivals.
As a direct result of the quantum alignment of his business, Nicolai is actually able to live his soul mission through his company. Today, when he attends instrument fairs, people sense the frequency he sends out by living his soul mission, and they become attracted to working with Vintage and Rare.
Nicolai has attracted hundreds of dealers and craftsmen from more than twenty-four countries to participate in listing their offerings on his site. The business has struck such a chord with Nicolai’s tribe that it is carrying some of the world’s finest instruments and has more than twenty million U.S. dollars’ worth of fine instruments for sale.
Go visit on www.vintageandrare.com

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