Is your company energetic, powerful and focused? Are your employees aligned, inspired and dedicated?

2010 October 22
by ussing

That is exactly what Quantum leadership can do.

Quantum leadership means showing others the potential of exploring their authentic essence and soul mission, and helping them to develop their energetic sensitivity. Be who you truly are and help others become who they truly are. Quantum leadership is about supporting others to trust and become who they truly are. The power is released when we enable our colleagues and partners to develop and practice new competencies that enable them to connect to their deeper wisdom, essence, and soul mission. It is about using our authentic power to inspire and support others to discover who they truly are.

It is the role of the quantum leader to help the organization access its deeper powers. A quantum leader thereby must facilitate a process whereby people can discover their essence and experience what it means to use it to guide in their lives. The personal manifesto process explained in my new book “The Quantum Company” accomplishes this purpose admirably. In doing so, we acknowledge that business and our companies are deeply linked to our person; they are a personal matter.

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