The power of a soul mission

2010 August 10
by ussing

I have always been fascinated by people on a mission – one day it dawned on me that I was on one myself. As a matter of fact we are all on a soul mission. But many of us don’t know what this mission is and therefore fail to live in accordance with it.

However there are people who have a mission so clear that we can all see it. I’m sure you know the people I’m talking about. Examples are Richard Branson, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Bono, Oprah and so forth.

The question is what makes these people so powerful and fascinating?

Obviously they are doing well on a materiel level and have great success. But really – that is not why we are fascinated by them. Think about it… Other people have achieved the same success and made even more money, but truly they are less fascinating and vibrant than this short list of examples.

Think about Richard Branson. The reason why he fascinates us is because he seems to live in accordance with his deeper nature – what I call his soul mission. Really what fascinates us on a deeper level is not what he is doing, but the way he lives his life. Certainly he is successful, a rebel and an adventure, but what really fascinates us is the way he lives what he truly is. That creates authencity. We admire this.

People long for living what they truly are. That is what deeply fascinates us on a deeper level.

As a matter of fact we are all living from our deeper aspect, but some live it more fully and in alignment with their soul mission and deeper essence. This gives them power and an abundance of energy. What inspires us is really not their material success; what inspire us is their happiness and connection to who they are and their authentic power.

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- Jakob Algreen-Ussing

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