What makes a company powerful?

2010 July 27
by ussing

Over the years I have always wondered what made a company attractive and vibrant. It was clear to me that some companies really had a powerful energy and some did not. It wasn’t just a matter of how much money they made or what their reputation was. Slowly I realized that there was an important factor present in these vibrating companies – I call this energy.

I have always been able to sense if a company had the right energy or not. I can feel if a certain aspect of the company does not move freely. In my experience, a lack of free energy flow will materialize into real problems over time. Therefore, I have been able to sense problems long before they emerged. Over the years I have realized that there actually is a structured way to do this. This I will show so you can do it yourself. I have experienced what it feels like when a company goes into flow and things just happen. That is when the energy is aligned and in flow.

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