The state of flow

2010 July 9
by Steffen Hedebrandt

Flow in business happens when everybody involved are energetically aligned. When everything and everybody related to the company are in full alignment extraordinary results will happen, but maybe not the way you originally anticipated it to. Sometimes results will come in unexpected ways.Your job is to explore what it means and maybe change your direction, goals and actions. Business becomes an adventure in life.

Sometimes in sport – e.g. a football player does the seemingly impossible – dribling to opponents, running past yet another before scoring the perfect goal. The same can happen for companies and maybe you have also sensed a company in flow. These companies have a vibrant powerful energy compared to others which in contrast emit a sluggish or even dead energy. Often you can sense it through intuition and it can directly guide you on a subconscious level.

What really makes a company successful is focusing on something deeply important. When we focus on something important things start to create meaning on a whole different level.

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