The new awareness and consumer demands in relation to the Quantum Company

2010 July 30
by ussing

Consumers’ demands are undergoing big changes. The change in consciousness make us as consumers realize that even though material abundance does give convenience, safety and secure survival on a material level and it does not necessarily give us deeper meaning or fulfillment. Therefore, we are demanding experiences and offerings that are authentic and ultimately can provide meaning in our lives. We are searching for experiences that make us feel connected and a part of something bigger, a greater good.

The new consumer has a new awareness and ability to sense whether something is real or not. By real I mean something that transmits stronger energetic frequency and is created with the intention of doing something good and valuable. That new frequency is manifested and transmitted in the most powerful way through co-creation between the companies their customers and other stakeholders.

The Quantum Company consider this trend as an essential understanding for how it is to build a business today.

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