The company and its tribe

2010 July 5
by Steffen Hedebrandt

When the company and the people involved – the tribe – live what they truly are, the energetic field is amplified. It simply transmits the energetic frequency further. I’m sure that you have had the experience of suddenly being attracted to some person, cause or company without fully understanding why.

This causes you to feel the frequency and deeper intention of the company, cause or person. You are probably not able to explain why – but it is really the energy that you sense. You are attracted because you sense that you can grow, find a new aspect of yourself and live it by interacting with that company, person or cause.

Fundamentally, you are driven from a deeper aspect of yourself: Your soul and essence. When you feel something or someone is interesting, often it is because you can get in contact with a deep aspect of yourself.

That is the power and core function of the Quantum Company. It attracts people to a shared cause or intention, for the benefit of everybody involved. The Quantum Company co-creates an energetic field with the tribe and allows all people involved to tap into that energetic field and realize their essence.

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